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The new Harry Potter film Fantastic Beast best fantasy Movie Review

long waited best fantasy movie started screening on 16th November. As a fan of Harry Potter Series and after seeing final film though that if we can see another series like this, is coming to picture. New series was started under name of fantastic beast on last year was a fantastic opening of a long series and the second chapter film name lay a very good opening for the future chapters.

We are not going to put any spoilers so if you not watched the film yet this will help you to have better understand of the film only.
What is the positions fantastic beast crime of Grifindore film in the entire film series.
This is a second film and but this is more or like a first chapter of a Book. We can say first film is a Introduction of the series.

Do I need to see the first film to Second Film?

As I said above if you know the introduction you can get a better understanding on the next chapters. Even if you did watch the film better you can get a recap what was happened on the film. There are many good articles that you can get a brief idea what was happened on last film. Or you can watch a full movie on Amerson then you can ready 100% before you enter in to film hall.

What is the story line on the film and is this series will link with the Harry Potter Series?

Some spoiler information might be included in this section
Story line is based on the 50 to 60 years before harry potter story line. We will get to know most of the characters young age incidents specially Dumbledore. In the Harry Potter Series there was very few information based on the Dumbledore. In future episodes definitely will get to know some more characters in the Harry Potter Series and some of the mysteries might be reveal.

Will Voldemort be the ultimate Villon on this story line in future?

To early to tell exactly what midnight happened in the upcoming episodes. We new very few information’s regarding dark age of Voldemort’s J.K Roiling has every power to make that age into fascinating story line. But as per now most of the things still open. Young Dumbledore will have a major roll in the future episodes.
Suggestions is that this a good start for the fabulous series. Still the path is clearing we can see more action and dramatic insistent in cumming chapters.

In next article we will discuss more detail story line in the film.

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