3D Printing and Bio Printing Technology

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3D(three dimensional) printing

3D(three dimensional) printing industry is a one of the most fast growing industries in the world. Basically 3D printing is a process which arrange material particles to create a three dimension object.
Basically 3D printing is something equal to taking a printout of a document but as we know normal everyday printers can only print only 2 dimensions. But 3D printers can print in three dimensions. So using 3D printing technology we can actually print a lifelike prototype of someone or something. So now days 3D printing has many applications in fields such as manufacturing and mass production, food, medical, research, architectural design, motor engineering, aerospace engineering, weaponry design and etc. (will talk about them later)

Why 3D printing is that much important?

Lets imagine about a design of a house. Earlier days designers used 2D (2 dimensional) drawings to bring their imagination into a hard copy but then no one other-than the designer knew what the house is going to look like? But now we have the 3D printing technology so the designer can draw a 3D picture of his imagination in a software like Solidworks, AutoCAD, 3D Maya, 3D Max or something.
And then the designer can print a prototype of the house using a 3D printer. So no one needs to worry about the design. It is something like seeing your future house almost before starting the construction of foundation. As the 3D printing technology is much advance now, we can even print inner stretchers of the house So you can even match wall covers and tiles without even starting the constructional works. This is just an example. Now days 3D printing has limitless kind of applications.3D printing technology has been a game changing technology for the field of medicine.

3D printing is used in,

1. manufacturing medical devices
2. Virtual planning of surgery and guidance using 3D printed materials,
3. Printing patient specific parts such as bones and teeth to transplanting surgeries.
4. And etc. (Lets talk about them in another article)
The newest trend in 3d printing technology is called bio-printing. 3D printing is considered as a method of implanting steam cells which are able of regenerating new cells. In brief bio printing is something like printing DNA stretchers.  As we know DNA is the stretcher which carry our genes. These genes are the codes which provide DATA to the protein synthesis process. So if we could program and print GENE patterns it is possible to print any organism. (Isn’t that amazing?) Scientists believe that with the use of this technology they will be able to print live cells and tissues in the near future. So if this would succeed we may be able to eat meat without killing animals. Hopefully they have archived some success in their researches.
Just wondering may be in near future we will be able to buy a new 3d printed live heart form eBay. mmmmm May be the whole body… Oh.. I’m collecting money to buy a new body.
Lets meet in another article…
Please share and let others know about this mind blowing technology.
3D printing using a common printer
3D printing

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